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The Jack Chi is a hybrid dog that is produced by crossing two purebreds – the Chihuahua and the Jack Russell Terrier. This dog is also very adaptable and can thrive anywhere, from a tiny apartment, a huge home to even a farm as long as they are able to walk around and entertain itself. It makes a great companion because it is cheerful, loving, playful, and super-friendly to everyone including, kids, adults and other pets. However, its sweet nature is so much so that it will probably no bark even when there is a stranger in the home. Because of this trait, the Jack Chi may not be a good watchdog. But one this is for sure – this dog will certainly make your home more exciting and lively with its friendliness and hyper activity.

Physical Description

The Jack Chi has a height of up to 15 inches, and weight ranging from 8 to 18 pounds. Generally, it is smaller in size than the Jack Russell Terrier, but bigger than the Chihuahua. It has a triangular head, large eyes, short neck, an elongated muscular body, and a coat that is either short and shiny or long.

Its ears can either curl over like the Terrier’s, or erect like the Chihuahua’s. This dog generally has a long nose, body type and color patterns similar to its Terrier parent, but has the coat and leg length like that of a Chihuahua. The common coat colors found in Jack Chi are white, brown, black or a mixture of the three.


The Jack Chi is a loving, friendly, playful and active dog that does not get tired easily. It enjoys playing with children, adults, strangers, as well as other cats and dogs. It is typically a calm dog but can sometimes get overly nervous or hyper.

Health & Care

The Jack Chi is typically a strong and healthy dog. However, it may have allergies to tree, grass and soy products. The grooming requirements of this breed depend on the length of coat it has. Short hair needs very little brushing, while a longer one will need more frequent brushing to prevent knots. As with all other dogs, it is also important to take care of your Jack Chi by brushing his teeth, clipping his toes, wiping his ears and bathing him regularly.


Training may not be easy for first-time dog owners due to issues like separation anxiety and spatial aggression. However, with patience, firmness, positive approach and consistency, training this dog is possible. It is important that socialization and training be started at an early age.


Being an active breed, the Jack Chi needs lots of exercise. It enjoys going out for walks and playing ball. Therefore, it should be left for long hours to play without a leash, and taken out regularly for walks or jogging to satisfy its playing and preying instincts.

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