The jafox is a hybrid dog between the Japanese Chin + Toy Fox Terrier dog breeds. The jafox is a happy and loving animal and forms a great companion as a pet. They are very beautiful dogs with black and white colors. They are thought to have originated from the Far East Asia where the Japanise Chin is a favorite among most pet owners. They were mixed in America with the Toy Fox Terrier, and a Jafox was developed which is a sweet small dog that loves to play with the owner.

Physical Description

They are small dogs weighing from 6 to 20 pounds. They have flappy ears with a straight fur. They have a height of up to 12 inches with the largest weighing 20 pounds at most. The body looks similar with one of their parents the Terrier while their characteristics are taken from the Japanese Chin.
They are usually found in black and white colors although you can get some in tan and brown. They can be a mix of colors or simply come in one color. Their coat is short with some having a medium coat.


They are very amusing and loving dogs and can form a perfect companion as a pet in the family. They like spending much of their time with family. One unique behavior with them that make a great companion is the behavior with guests and strangers. They are well behaved and will not bark without a reason. They can bark to signal the arrival of a visitor or something strange happening.
They are very clean dogs, and you will have to bathe them regularly. They like exercises and will do well with some evening walk.


The Jafox does not suffer many health issues but requires looking out for common hereditary diseases. They can do fine without getting sick for long periods if well taken care of.

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