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The Jaland is a cross between the Japanese Chin (Japanese Spaniel) and the Westie (Westy/ West Highland White Terrier). Jalands adapt well to different homes and living conditions. However, like any other hybrid, they can exhibit variations in temperaments, size and general look depending on their recent ancestors.


We don’t know which country bred the first Jaland. Regarding the breed’s parents, the Westie is a native of Scotland The distinctively white breed was bred for its color and intrepid hunting skills.
The Japanese Chin’s basic origins are in ancient China, but the modern breed came to us through the Japanese nobility.

Physical Characteristics

Jalands are small-sized dogs who weigh between six and twenty pounds. They usually have a face that resembles their Westie parents. Their most common colors are black, black & white and tan. Their undercoat can be soft, dense and thick while their outer coat is usually rough. They may also inherit the Chin’s single and fine coat.


Jalands are often loyal and devoted companion dogs. They are also social and can get along well with their family members, kids, and other pets. However, they may turn aggressive if roughly handled. They can also be very possessive of their toys and food.

Jalands are alert and attentive. With proper socialization and obedience training, these active and lively dogs are fairly good family dogs and watchdogs.

Health Issues

Pure Western Highland White Terriers and their mix breeds are usually healthy dogs. They can, however, be prone to atopic dermatitis, luxating patella, aggression, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The Japanese Chin and its mixes are prone to luxating patella, cataracts, and heart murmurs.
Since both parents have luxating patella issues, the Jaland may likely develop slipping kneecaps.

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