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The Japillon is a hybrid cross between a Japanese Chin and a Papillon. The breed is a good fit for owners looking for friendly, loving, and sweet dogs. However, this breed is best suited for homes with older children.


The Japillon’s country of origin is unknown. The history of the Papillon is also not very clear, but the breed is thought to be native to Belgium and France. Interestingly, the Japanese Chin owes its basic origins to China and not to Japan as its name suggests.

Physical Description

Japillons are small-sized dogs usually with a Japanese Chin’s face and a Papillon’s snout. The dogs are usually white in color with black or tan markings. Their coat is typically long and silky. The breed also tends to have a long and fluffy tail.


Japillons are bred to be companions dogs. These hybrids like spending time with their owners and family members. They are also good and affectionate with older children and other pets. Early training and socialization are necessary to make the breed comfortable and less aggressive with smaller kids.
The breed is also very active and intelligent and can quickly learn and perform dog tricks. Japillons are also alert and will bark to signal the arrival of visitors or intruders.
These cute dogs are friendly, loving, sweet, intelligent and obedient and can, therefore, make good family, companion and watch dogs.

Health Issues

Japillons can inherit genetic diseases from their predecessors. Their Papillon predecessors are considered a healthy breed with no major health problems and high life expectancy. However, Papillons have a small jaw bone and small teeth and root structure. Consequently, they are prone to dental health issues such as tooth loss due to gingivitis and inflammation of gums. They may also suffer from Anesthesia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Inherited Liver Disorders, Patellar Luxation, and Seizure Disorders.
On the other hand, Japanese Chins are prone to minor ailments such as patellar luxation, cataracts, entropion and heart murmur.

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