Jarkie dogs are hybrid dogs that are mix of two different purebred dogs. It is a cross between Japanese Chin and Yorkshire terrier.

Physical Description

Jarkie dogs are small in size and they are not more than 11 inches. They weigh up to 20 pounds. They have mix of facial features of both their parent breeds. They are found in different colors of their parent breeds. The colors include black, white, blue, tan or any mix of these colors. They have smooth, silky and fine coat and it is a mix of parent breed coats.


Jarkie dogs are affectionate and loving in nature. There are family oriented and loves spending time with family. They like getting attention and like to be with the family most of the time. There are sturdy types of dogs which can be stubborn and will-full when it comes to training. They are affectionate and good with children and other dogs as well as pets. They sometimes bark excessively due to their over protective nature but the owner can train them not do so. They are excellent watch dogs as they alert the family if any strangers are coming near. They like to go for a walk.


The Japanese Chin breed suffers from health issues such as cataracts, luxating patellas and heart murmurs. They also have risk of suffering from hypoglycemia. Yorkshire terrier breed suffers from health issues such as portosystematic shunt, bronchitis, keratitis sicca and cataracts. They have delicate digestive system so they might suffer from diarrhea or vomiting. The Jarkie is likely to suffer from health conditions of their parent breeds.



Size: Small

Hair Length: Long

Temperament: Loving, Affectionate and Happy

Fun Fact: They are sensitive to cold weather, so they should not be left outside for too long

Kid Friendly: Yes

Allergy Friendly: Yes

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