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La-chon is a hybrid dog of the Bichon Frise and Lhasa Apso. They can have 50-50 quality of both breeds, but sometimes they can have an appearance of one breed than the other. The Lhasa originated from Tibet while the Bichon Frise is said to have originated from the Canary Islands. The La-chon is believed to be one of the oldest breeds extant, bred primarily as a watchdog and hence suited for an indoor living even without a yard.

Physical Appearance

La-Chons are small in size 10 to 15 inches tall but very vigorous. They weigh around 10 to 20 pounds when fully grown. They have a round shaped head, almond shaped eyes which are bright that their parent breeds, which in most cases comes in blue colors. Their ears are floppy, and the most notable physical appearance about them is their fur, which is curly. They also have a non-shredding coat which is why they need professional grooming at least after every three months. He most common colors of La-chons are black, brown, black and brown, white, brown and white and cream.


La-chons are a very good companion, devoted, very affectionate, trustworthy and gentle dogs. They are well, known of being smart and lively leave alone being aggressive to trespassers. They are ideal dogs and good for families with kids so long as they are taken out for daily exercise to expend built-up energy. They are one of the dogs well known to like children more than adults. Proper training is however required because they are very stubborn delivered from Lhasa side and may need confident and dominant pack leaders. Without proper training, they become heartbroken and just like a child they begin picking up bad habits. Some La-chon is known to be headstrong delivered on Lhasa Apso side and may not bond well with other pets especially other types of dogs.


La-Chons are generally healthy dogs and are actually recommended to families who are allergic to dogs; however, they at times are attacked by Patella Dysplasia. They tend to get mat in their fur so; they may require brushing their hair at least once in a day. They are expected to live for more than 16 years if taken care of properly and fed properly. With improper diet, the La-chon may not grow to be the intelligent, smart and thrive to be the dog you wanted it to be.

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