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The Labradinger is a large cross breed developed by cross-breeding the English Springer Spaniel and the Labrador Retriever. It resembles features of both the parent breeds. Also known as the Labradinger Retriever or Springador, the Labradinger is a gentle and playful family dog.

Physical Appearance

Larger than the parent breed, Springer Spaniel and much smaller than a Labrador, the Labradinger looks like small labradors with pointer faces and longer ears. It has a long and well-proportionate body with long hair coat. The color of the coat is golden yellow. The outer coat can be shaggy and straight or wavy, while the undercoat is dense, straight and soft. There is a long fringe on the chest,belly as well as ears The head of Labradinger resembles that of Springer Spaniel. As it is an active breed, they require good amount of exercise. Their grooming requirements are not too much. Occasional brushing is required to keep the coat tidy and clean. Ear cleansing should be a part of your grooming routine.


The Labradinger breed is known as an excellent therapy breed. It has unique temperament traits of both the parent breeds- the Springer Spaniel and Labrador. This makes them a great family dog. Labradinger is fun-loving, active and intelligent dog.

This particular breed is known to be multi-talented, and Labradinger participates in a variety of activities such as hunting, agility, jogging, narcotics detection, tracking and retrieving. They are highly intelligent pets that can vocalize their needs. If not properly socialized, they can be harmful for other canine pets.


These hybrid dogs have very few health issues. They may be prone to ear infections as their long ears, and also due to hunting closeby to the water.

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