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Bred in the United States, Yorkinese is a dog hybrid derived from crossing the Pekingese and the Yorkshire Terrier breeds. The aim of such cross breeding is to develop pups that have the desired traits of the parent while doing away with the undesirable characteristics. Generally, the cross between these two dogs was meant to generate well-mannered and gentle puppies.

Physical Description

The Yorkinese grows to a height of about seven inches and weighs up to eight pounds. It has a long complicated fur which makes grooming a key requirement. The most common colors of the Yorkinese include white, black, black and tan. It is a generally agile dog and you will identify a Yorkinese by its energetic agility.


Although relatively tiny compared to other canines, you should always treat a Yorkinese like a dog – not like a small child. The pet may become quite unruly when it senses that it is not being given the right amount of attention. However, your Yorkinese will prove to be a trusty and gentle companion if treated right. About training, the hybrid may be sometimes difficult to handle compared to other common hybrids. However, the fact that it is very intelligent means it can master many simple instructions within a short time.


First, the dog has a long furry coat that requires regular grooming. Again, daily exercise is important as the pet is hyperactive and agile. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it is not suitable for an apartment life. It does well inside the apartment as long as it is taken out on daily walks. While much about the Yorkinese health facts are not yet documented, it is vital to note the hybrid may be susceptible to diseases that affect the parent breeds. These include spinal problems, breathing issues, eye problems, and knee complications.

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