Dogs and Storms… and How You Can Keep Your Pet Calm

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Dogs can be very sensitive. This applies not only to people but storms as well. Individuals who have never owned a dog may fail to think that a puppy or dog would react to the weather in this way, but experienced dog owners know that some pups can have quite a trying time when the weather really gets going. You may have your own theories about why it happens and may even be able to relate!

Well, we summed up why this happens and what you can do about it to help your dog be less scared when that next lightning bolt strikes (and even before it). Read on to find out how you can not only understand what’s happening but take steps to help your pup calm down and begin to get used to it.

Why Dogs React To Storms and How to Calm Them Down

Dogs react to storms for many reasons. Dogs may react to changes in the temperature and pressure that only they can sense. This makes sense as dogs frequently react to storms before they really even start. Ten minutes later, the thunder is starting and you’re seeing the rain come down. Here’s why dogs frequently react and what to do.

Why They React

– They see the storm clouds coming.

Dogs learn to look for the conditions in which storm happens.

– Drops in barometric pressure as well as ionization.

Dogs may be able to pick up on clues that a storm is happening thanks to their developed sense.

– Loud noises.

Wouldn’t you be scared if you were a dog and there were a lot of loud noises outside? Thunder rolling and lightning cracking can be pretty frightening for a pet.

What to Do

Don’t reward your dog for being clingy or overly terrified as it reinforces the behavior. Instead, confront your dog’s phobia with them head-on. Here’s what to do.

– Get a practice leash.

Teach your dog to lie down during a storm and be calm, then praise and give him a treat.

– Give them a safe space they can go.

Your dog will feel more secure when they have a special place to hide or ride out the storm. It’s kind of like a kid– they just want to feel secure because the loud noises are scary.

– Have them wear a special snug garment.

Wearing a specially made snug garment may help your dog calm down.

– Take a special course.

Help dogs to learn to handle the storm better by having them take a special course on storms with you. This is a great option if it is available in your area.

That’s it! Dogs are only human (well, in a way). It’s easy to see why they can get worked up by storms. Use these tips to help your dog not only ride out the storm, but maybe be less upset by it than they used to be.

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