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Humans aren’t the only creatures with important jobs. Check out these 10 amazing jobs for dogs.


  1. Seeing-Eye Dogs

It’s no surprise that it can be a little difficult to get around when you’re blind. While walking canes can go a long way with helping the blind detect surfaces and locate curbs or steps, seeing-eye dogs go one step further by alerting their handlers of many obstacles and hazards. Some seeing-eye dogs can even detect the difference between the “walk” and “don’t walk” crossing lights and are sometimes trained to be a little protective of their owners in case of dangerous people or other animals.


  1. Hearing Dogs

Many people are unaware that there is such a thing as a hearing dog. But for their owners, they can be complete life savers. Hearing dogs are trained to notify their owner in case of incoming text messages, alarm clocks, or doorbells. Hearing dogs can also alert deaf parents of crying babies. Some hearing dogs have even been known to save their owners’ lives by alerting them when the smoke detector was going off.


  1. Disability Assistance Dogs


For people who have trouble getting around or who cannot walk at all, a disability assistance dog can be a world of help. Disability assistance dogs are trained to retrieve things their owners need. They can be trained to perform a number of functions, from opening doors to retrieving the telephone. For their owners, these dogs are like having a personal assistance always on duty to help and comfort them.


  1. Guard Dogs

Guard dogs are dogs that have been specially trained to protect their people and/or property. These dogs go through extensive training and learn which property is theirs to guard. They will then walk the perimeter or watch over a home alertly, waiting for any unwelcome intruder. Some of the dogs are simply trained to bark while others may be trained to attack. These dogs can be a great asset for families who live far from any type of police protection but, if improperly trained, can be considered dangerous by some city officials. Owners should check with their communities requirements before obtaining or training a guard dog.


  1. Hunting Dogs

While we at AnimalPlex love all animals and are not fans of hunting for sport, we do understand that for many people who live far from grocery stores, hunting is a way of life and a way of putting food on the table. Hunting dogs come in all types and sizes and are trained to perform a number of different roles while out hunting with their owners. While some are trained to scout and tree (or corner) prey, others are simply trained to retrieve prey that their owners have shot. In the U.S., there are many competitions that test the abilities of hunting dogs to locate or retrieve decoys.


  1. Herding Dogs

For a sheep or cattle farmer, a good herding dog is a huge asset around the ranch. Trained to help their owners keep animals from straying, herding dogs play a major role in keeping herd animals safe. Some herding dogs, like Border Collies, are trained to keep sheep rounded together while being moved to water or food sources, while other herding dogs, like Welsh Corgis, are trained to nip at cattle’s ankles to keep them rounded up for their owners.


  1. Bomb-Sniffing Dogs

If you’ve ever been to an airport, you may have seen the security walking those bomb-sniffing dogs around sniffing at random bags and people. These dogs are trained at a very young age to sniff out the chemicals and components that are commonly used to make bombs. Bomb-sniffing dogs save countless lives every year and work hard year-round to find bombs or bomb-making tools.


  1. K-9 Units

For a K-9 police officer, the police dog is their best friend and ally. Trained to protect both their handlers and the public, police dogs work endlessly around the clock to help find criminals and keep their handlers safe. K-9 dogs are chosen from their litters as tiny little puppies who show potential for the world of policing. They generally only have one or two handlers before being handed over to their police partner who will work with them, usually until they retire. Many communities will give K-9 retirees full retirement honors upon the end of their duty.


  1. Elderly Companion Dogs

There are special dogs who, while not working very actively, spend their careers keeping the elderly or hospitalized company. These dogs have to undergo a pretty strict inspection and licensing process before being approved to visit in nursing homes or hospitals. Their handlers are almost alway kind-hearted volunteers who have chosen to donate their time, and the company of their dogs, to keep others comforted during their time of pain.


  1. Reading Program Dogs

Many libraries have extra programs where they have volunteers help the youth learn how to enjoy reading. For some libraries, they go the extra mile by having children read to dogs. These dogs have been deemed calm and trained well enough to sit patiently and intently by while youth read their favorite stories to the dogs. These programs are a great way to get the young interested in reading at an early age.


Leave a comment! Do you know of any cool dog (or cat) jobs that we missed?

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