Elephant Walks to Vet After Being Shot in the Head

»»Elephant Walks to Vet After Being Shot in the Head

Check out this amazing story coming out of Zimbabwe this week. After being shot in the head by poachers, this bull elephant calmly walks to the vets in the area, seemingly with the knowledge that they were there to help him.

According to reports, the bullet entry missed the “kill mark” by a mere 5 centimeters, allowing the animal to survive the shot. It is normally difficult to find and approach an injured animal, but the elephant, called “Pretty Boy”, calmly made his location known, and approached the vets with no signs of aggression. They were able to tranquilize him and immediately begin the procedure to treat his injuries.

After removing bone fragments, the elephant was given a round of antibiotics and anti-parasitics and is expected to make a full recovery. Even after the anesthesia wore off, Pretty Boy remained calm and relaxed for follow up care.

What an amazing animal!

For more pictures of the procedure and of Pretty Boy, check out The Daily Mail online.

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