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Asian Forest Scorpion Information


The Asian forest scorpion is a popular scorpion that is originally found in Asian tropical rainforests. It is particularly found in Southern Asia, specifically Indonesia. This is about 3.5 to 5 inches in size in its adult form and can grow at a moderate pace. It typically lives its life above the ground although it can burrow some holes on occasion. It will not stay in those holes for far too long though.

Can it be venomous?

The Asian forest scorpion does have some venom in it. It is best to avoid handling the scorpion as the venom it contains may be dangerous. Not all people will be harmed but some may be especially sensitive to its bites due to allergies.

Can it go well with other pets?

It prefers to do well with other scorpions although it is best with other Asian forest scorpions. It can also stay in groups with three or more of them provided that there is enough food to go around. It can become nervous if there isn’t enough space for the scorpion to live in.


The diet for the Asian forest scorpion will vary by its age. A younger one will eat pinhead crickets and many other smaller insects. An adult will eat larger crickets and even some smaller mice. The adult will not need to eat as often though as a younger one requires more food to ensure it can thrive and grow in a proper fashion. Plenty of water is also needed in the environment. A small dish is perfect for providing the scorpion with enough water so it can stay thoroughly hydrated and comfortable.


An adult can live in a tank that is up to 15 gallons in size. It is critical that it has enough floor space to work with as it typically will not climb up many surfaces. Meanwhile, the floor needs plenty of potting soil or peat moss. About four inches of this material is needed at the bottom of the habitat so it will have enough space to burrow around. Also, the environment can contain some rocks and logs. It is best to add some moss on the floor to create an extra bit of cover over the surface.

The Asian forest scorpion lives best in conditions from 75 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It also needs a humidity level of around 78 to 82 percent or else it will start to feel uncomfortable. While trees can be added in its environment, they are not necessary. This scorpion doesn’t climb very often.


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