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Bobcats are beautiful creatures that capture the hearts of people everywhere. However, a bobcat makes for a very difficult and unpredictable pet.

Legal Issues

Bobcats may or may not be allowed as pets in specific states as well as counties and cities. It is important to check local laws to find out if you can keep a bobcat and, if so, what permits or licenses may be required

Bobcats and People

Bobcats bond tightly when they are very young and those relationships last a lifetime. While this may seem like a plus in terms of keeping one as a pet, it can make things very difficult because a bobcat who is separated from their person for very long can become very emotionally distraught. This means that rehoming a bobcat is extraordinarily difficult and a commitment to a young bobcat is serious and long term.


While wild bobcats are unfriendly and bold predators, the dynamic dramatically changes when these animals are hand-raised from babyhood by humans. They can be extremely affectionate, curious, and not nearly as, “on-edge,” as their wild counterparts. However, is difficult to train a bobcat not to damage furniture and household items. They are instinctively used to having free range to run, climb, and jump about. They also feel comfortable biting and chewing on anything they can get their teeth on.

A properly trained bobcat can be safe around other people and pets, but one must be careful to train it from a very early age and even then it is important to keep an eye on their behavior. When raised and exposed to other animals at a young age the bobcat will associate the other animals as, “family,” and will protect them. However, this can make them very protective if they feel their family may be threatened, or when newcomers they do not know arrive.


Make sure that you provide adequate indoor and outdoor space for a pet bobcat so that they can properly exercise. While they can exist in a home like a domestic cat, they require more space and opportunity to stretch, jump, and run because they are still wild animals and their nature demands an outlet.


The Bobcat’s diet consists of mainly rabbits and hares. They are also known to eat birds, rodents, and sometimes even bats. The bobcat if not trained differently will also consume lamb, poultry, and young pigs. Given its size one would not think that such a small cat could do it, but the Bobcat is such an excellent hunter that it has been known to also hunt adult deer especially during the winter months.

Veterinary Care

Finding veterinary care may be difficult during an emergency, so it is best to research veterinary clinics that are able to treat your bobcat before any accidents or sicknesses occur.

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