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Also known as the nightwalker or honey bear, the kinkajou is a mammal that lives in the rainforest. It is related to olingos, the ringtail, the cacomistle, and raccoons. They are native to the rainforests of Central and South America. This cute little mammal is largely nocturnal and is often hunted for its fur. This is because kinkajous have beautiful plush, velvet fur. They love to hang from tree branches in the wild, a feat accomplished with the help of their tails. They may look similar to monkeys or ferrets, but in truth are not related to either.

About the Kinkajou

A typical kinkajou will be able to live about 23 years as a pet, although some kinkajous have been reported to live up to forty years! They will grow to be about four to ten pounds with a tail that can be up to 24 inches in length, and will be roughly as large as a small cat. They usually come out only at night just like they do in the wild, so make sure that they have a covered place out of direct sunlight to sleep during the day. The kinkajou is most commonly a light brown color, although they can also be grey. They have small ears, large eyes, and five toes on each foot with sharp claws.


Kinkajous enjoy a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. They also may enjoy treats, which can consist of raisins, dates, graham crackers, or even Fig Newton cookies. They also like berries quite a bit, and will even eat insects, small rodents, ants, and some varieties of reptiles (although you do not have to feed them reptiles).


Kinkajous will need to live in a cage that is at least four by eight by six feet. You can keep your pet outside if you have the ability, however, they will need heated enclosures during cold periods or winter climates. Kinkajous love having branches or pretend trees to play on, and will need plenty of exercise if you decide to get one.


Kinkajous are very sweet if you take care of them. They will bond with their owner but are very friendly with strangers as well. Kinkajous are known for being clean and quiet with good natures. However, they are just like any other animal and may get territorial, so be aware. They also are not great pets for kids to handle as they are largely nocturnal and may scratch if frightened.

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