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Question: When my cat and dog play chase around the house, how does my cat avoid all the obstacles but my dog crashes into EVERYTHING?

Answer: It lies in the whiskers. (Also, your cat is a cheater.)

Cats use their whiskers to sense the area around them. They can sense objects and movements that we (and the dumb dog) can not.

The whiskers of your cat are rooted much more deeply than the ordinary hair. The area around them has many nerves and blood. So, the tips of whiskers are extremely sensitive and they can detect even the slightest changes in the direction of a breeze. So, when you mess with the whiskers, it actually causes your cat pain.

There will be around 8-12 whiskers on both sides of their nose. Whiskers can also be seen on their chin, eyes, and on the backs of their lower front legs. They help them to figure out the width of an opening. Your cat uses whiskers measuring whether she/he can fit through it. Cats can catch their prey if it is in the proper position. Whiskers are very crucial for this purpose as well.

Whiskers are the good indicator of the mood of your cat. If the whiskers are relaxed and sticking out sideways, it indicates that your cat is calm. If the whiskers are pushed forward, your cat is alert or excited. If the whiskers are flattened against the cheeks, your cat is scared or angry. Checking the whiskers is one of the number of ways you can determine what your cat may be feeling.

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