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Apollo shark is very popular fish prized by new tank owners as a torpedo-shaped species with a beautiful appearance. They possess silvery flanks that has a greenish tinge above their lateral lines and huge scales. A black line runs from the head towards the caudal peduncle and continues to line the top edge of their deeply forked propelling fin.

Aquarium Environment:

If you wish to care for Apollo sharks, you must know firsthand that they are energetic swimmers who chiefly occupy the top portion of an aquarium and usually swim around the middle. Hence, a hood or covering is recommended for you will be dealing with an expert jumper. The ideal aquarium size for this shark is a 30-gallon tank, and anything smaller can potentially cause stress. They prefer tall plants and require some sort of shelter within tank that gives them lots of free swimming space.


When kept in good condition, they develop more intense coloration around the fins. A varied diet encourages the best colors to come out. As an omnivore, the diet of the Apollo shark should ideally consist of high quality flakes or pelleted foods, freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex, worms and insects, and vegetable-based foods. It’s a predator by nature,and will eat live fish that are smaller than itself.

Different Species:

There are three kinds and the Silver Apollo Shark is the common name for the two highly similar species of Apollo Sharks- the luciosma pellegrini and the luciosma segiterum which can grow up to around 8-9 inches. The third species is the luciosoma spilopleura or Long-finned Apollo Shark, which can grow up to a length of 12 inches. The latter of the three species can be hard to tell apart from silvers, which basically lies on their larger size, and is not recommended in a tank given their aggressiveness to anything that is silver. Just think how a bull can get provoked by red capes!

Fresh/ Salt Water Shark?

The Apollo Shark is a freshwater fish that is best kept at a 6.0 – 7.5 ph water parameter with a temperature of 22-28 degrees Celsius or 72-82F.


Silver Apollo Sharks are active yet peaceful fish who will do great within a furnished tank when kept in groups of 5 more. Tank mates can be large Barbs and any bottom dweller or other non-aggressive fish that are too large to be eaten.

If you are challenged and choose to keep longfins, then make certain there are no other fish that measures less than 8″ and has any trace of silver on its body. Otherwise, they will fight to the death and you’ll be left with even more challenge to face in an alpha shark.

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