Flamingos’ New Love Shack

»»Flamingos’ New Love Shack

FORT WORTH, TEXAS – When recent hail storms killed five flamingos at the Fort Worth Zoo, we learned something new about just how good the zoo is at breeding these exotic birds.

For a species called the “lesser flamingo,” no other zoo even comes close.

Flamingos are always a hit here, but getting them to hit on each other took years to figure out.

The African lesser flamingos just weren’t feeling it.

“What we were doing wasn’t working, obviously,” explained chief bird curator Katy Unger. “So we decided to do something drastic and different… and it worked.”

The zoo’s plan was based partly on observation and partly on experimentation.

They built an indoor enclosure, cranked up the heat to at least 95, and changed the light cycle to mimic the flamingos’ natural African habitat.

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