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Independence Day weekend spelled “Freedom” for a trapped eagle in Minnesota. US Army veteran, Jason Galvin and his wife noticed an eagle tangled in a rope in a tree outside their cabin over the weekend. According to Mrs. Galvin, the bird hung upside down for more than two days when her husband decided to help.

Jason borrowed a 22-caliber rifle with scope to shoot the rope that was entangling the bird. 150 shots later, the 4-inch rope was severed, and the bird fell to the ground. The eagle was never hit.

The couple wrapped the eagle up in a blanket and took it for treatment at the University of Minnesota’s Raptor Center.

“We named the eagle Freedom and hope to be able to release him near his home once he is back to health!” Jackie Galvin wrote on Facebook.

If shooting the rope seems like an extreme solution, it was. And, it wasn’t the couple’s first solution. They had initially called the fire and police departments who were unable to respond due to the bird being so high up in the tree. They then called the Department of Natural Resources for advice, and the plan was cleared by a conservation officer. The bird would have died in the tree without action.

The eagle, who the couple named “Freedom” is now eating and drinking, but the long term prognosis is unclear.

The bald eagle was designated as the national US bird in 1782 and is federally protected. It is illegal to kill or capture an eagle, except for rehabilitation purposes. Bald eagles seen in captivity, such as zoos, are those who can not, for health reasons, be reintroduced into the wild.


Photo credit: Jackie Gervais Galvin/Facebook

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