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When naming dogs, everyone has their own personal ideas. You should think out of the box if you want to get a cleaver name for your pet dog. You will get lots of inspiration from everywhere.


Are you a frequent visitor to the malls or shopping stores? Then you can consider naming your dog after your favorite shopping destinations. Some good choices are:

• Sephora
• Target
• Fitch
• Abercrombie
• Sears
• Macy
• Dillard

Food and Drink Names

You may have noticed that your new pet has a fondness for certain foods. Perhaps, you may also have some favorite beverages or foods. You can find many funny and clear names in this category. Some of them are:

• Pepsi
• Fresca
• Sprite
• Shasta
• Dew
• Guinness
• Pabst
• Corona
• Michelob
• Brewski

Restaurant Names

Do you like to dine out frequently? If yes, you can consider naming your pet dog after your favorite dining spot. They can be:

• Patina
• Dolce
• Mezzaluna
• Spago
• Rocco
• Pink
• Formosa
• Chinois
• Matsuhisa

Cereal Names

Do you still nurture your childhood memories so fondly? Do you have a soft corner for your favorite childhood cereal? Then, you can name your dog as:

• Chex
• Trix
• Cheerios
• Captain Crunch
• Quaker
• Kellogg
• Kasha
• Lucky charms

Names Inspired by Dogs

You can find a perfect, humorous name by watching the face of your dog. Depending on the spot patterns and color combinations, you can consider names, such as:

• Polka
• Rorschach
• Moo

If you adopt a three-legged dog, you can help people smile at him/her rather than pity by giving him a light-hearted name:

• Lucky
• Tres
• Hopalong
• Tripawd

Fluffy Dogs

Cute appearance is the peculiarity of fuzzy dogs. They make people smile with their appearance. You can provide them a cute or funny name, such as:

• Tumbleweed
• Swiffer
• Duster
• Mopsy

Big Dogs

If your dog is very large, you can give him an amusing name, like:

• Tank
• Hummer
• Marmaduke
• Jurassic

Movers and Shakers

Some dogs, like some humans, create chaos wherever they go. Some names for these rough, tumble, and good-nurtured dogs are:

• Rugby
• Boomer
• Seismic
• Tsunami

Sports Teams and Athlete Names

Do you have a favorite sports hero or a team? Then, here are some great opportunities to give some clear and meaningful names of your pet dog:

• Piston
• Laker
• Brady
• Steeler
• Bronco
• Green bay
• Shaq
• Gretsky
• A-Rod
• Yankee
• Moreno

Probably, your wheels may have started turning now. You can surely think about some unusual, cleaver, funny names for your dogs. Above all, you must be willing to explore something you would never have considered before. If you think deep, you can also invent some new, unique names for your dogs.


What’s the most unusual dog name you know? Let us know below!

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