Gifts for Dads Who Love Their Pets More Than People

»»Gifts for Dads Who Love Their Pets More Than People

Dogs have always been seen as man’s best friend, and thus fathers want to buy their pet something special or even something special for themselves to show the world that they love their pet more than people. The relationship between a man and their pet has always been a special, somewhat misunderstood bond. The options for the best gifts for dads who love their pets more than people are endless. These can range from small toys to matching bands or even shirts to show your pet your love.

A getaway trip

One of the most thoughtful gifts that a pet-loving dad would enjoy is a day out and about to the zoo, r something such as eagle handling. They are also an inexpensive gift for Dads to try. On the same note, Dads can also try horseback riding which besides being fairly cheap, is a great experience.

Being outdoors is a great gift for pet lovers especially if it is a pet-friendly picnic at an open park with enough snacks for your dad and pet.


There are plenty different ornaments available for fathers to choose from. As a possible gift for your dad, you could get them a porcelain dog, which will definitely be kept in a very special place away from prying hands. Stronger ornaments such as brass or lead animals are also a great option to consider.  Another ornamental option could be a personalized animal mug, with whatever pet design your dad would like.

Dog Memorial Photo Ornament


One of the more extroverted ways to show the world that you love pets more than most people, is the gift of personalised furniture such as a pillow or bed cover with your favourite pet printed on the canvas.  One of the more comical options that you could get as a gift is a portrait of pets painted doing human-like things like working or talking.

Custom Dog Pillow


One could spoil your Dad by organising a photo-shoot with a professional photographer, taking action shots of the cheerful duo, or still images with funny and exciting poses that will last a lifetime.

To further add to this gift, you could also take the photos and make them into a personalised calendar.

AnimalPlex’s Directory of Photographers

Small novelties

Another great gift possibility for a Dad that loves his pets is something tiny, yet practical that he will always use. One great option for a gift is possibly ‘pet stationery’ such as a bird pen, or even a pencil that is in the shape of a dog bone.

“Pets Are The Best” Stationary


For pet lovers there are as many options for clothing for pets as there are for their human counterparts. You could get a personalised shirt or even a shirt with a catchy phrase showing the universe that you are a pet-loving dad. Another possibility with regards to clothing is matching outfits for your dad and pet, which can be worn when going out together for the day. For the cooler months of the year you could get your dad some socks with pets on it or slippers that come in the shape of different dog breeds.

Pet Owners Who Care Give Pet Cats Something to Wear

Books and Movies

Books and movies are an excellent option for the best option for pet loving fathers that don’t feel like the hustle and bustle of Father’s day, especially when you are not sure of what he might like. There are many movies specifically to choose from for pet- loving dads as well as quite a few novels that were written on the relationship between man and pet.

Books and Movies at AnimalPlex


Gifts for the kitchen are spectacular as they can satisfy both the pet and owner (your dad). You could either buy dog shaped or cat shaped cookie cutters for a father that likes baking or make a batch of home-made cookies for your dad. The cookie cutter as a gift is a universally practical gift to make treats for your dad and at the same time can be reused to make treats for your pet to enjoy as well.

Dog Lover Cookie Cutters

Animal Shelter/ Charity

If your dad has recently lost a pet, then this could also be a great opportunity to take a trip to the rescue shelter to give a pet a new home; in an attempt to fill that void.

Alternatively, if they do not feel ready to get another pet, he could go to an animal charity and offer assistance or make a donation to one of the many animal charities available.

AnimalPlex’s Directory of Animal Shelters


There are multitudes of gifts for all dads on Father’s day, but more specifically there is a large catalog of options available as far as gifts are concerned for pet loving dads. Prices naturally range from common/normal to extreme and from relatively inexpensive to pricey. That being said, a true pet lover does not attach a price to love. Therefore Father’s day can be an excellent opportunity to spoil your dad as well as your pet. It could even be the opportunity to get another loving addition to the household.




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