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Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron filming PSA calling for “less meat, less heat”

Recently, the Chinese government has encouraged its citizens to cut back on meat and other animal products to improve their health. Schwarzenegger and Cameron have teamed up to give a similar message to Americans. In addition to health related problems caused by a diet high in animal fats, the environmental consequences are bad as well. The meat producing industry is the second largest culprit of greenhouse gasses, which is the cause of man-made climate change.

Although Cameron is a vegan, and Arnold is a vegetarian, they are not out to promote only veganism. If everyone cut back just a bit on their animal product consumption, it would make a big difference in human and climate health.

This is good news for animals, of course. Some of the worst reports of animal abuse come from the meat industry and poor factory farming conditions. Less meat would mean fewer caged, farmed animals. It also may mean better health and a cleaner planet.

So, are you with Schwarzenegger and Cameron? Let us know in the comments.

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