Gorilla Killed at Cincinnati Zoo After Child Enters Enclosure

»»Gorilla Killed at Cincinnati Zoo After Child Enters Enclosure

Outrage and controversy follows Cincinnati Zoo this week after a Lowland Gorilla was shot and killed in response to a child entering the gorilla enclosure.

The 4 year old would have had to cross several different protective barriers (a wall, barbed wire fence, and then the moat) before falling into the moat wit access to the gorilla. The gorilla then picked the child up and held the child for more than ten minutes before the gorilla was shot. Tranquilizers do not work immediately, so the safest method was to kill the animal.

The child only suffered minor injuries and was treated at a local hospital.

The reaction from social media has people questioning the parents and the zoo as to how this tragedy could even occur, as most zoo enclosures are normally extremely difficult, if not impossible, to fall into.

AnimalPlex will continue to follow this story to hear what comes next for the Cincinnati Zoo.

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