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Great Dog Memorials to Remember Great Times

No matter how prepared we are, no matter how we foresaw it, the thought and experience of death in our culture is always associated with grieving and sadness. Reared in a social community, it’s never easy for us to be left alone. When a loved one departed, we suffer from this anxiety of losing someone. And when I say someone, I am also referring to pets. Pet parents and family have different ways to cope with pet loss. Memorializing pet is among the most common coping mechanisms that pet owners do. In this manner, we somehow immortalize our pets’ memories through memorials.
Listed below are suggestions of dog memorials to remember great times with them:

Keepsake Frames

This is a unique way to frame those special moments. Through keepsake frames, memorabilia and awards are can be kept in a frame for display and safekeeping.
We can frame virtually any item from cross stitches, embroidery’s, shirts, shoes, and medals. The list is endless!
Remember those first items you purchased for your pet that you wish to treasure. You can have them all framed and customized with a personal caption of your choice. Pearhead Dog Or Cat Pet Collar Keepsake Frame allows you to display a collar with a photo.
When you get Tiny Ideas Dog or Cat Paw Print Keepsake Wall Frame Kit it includes no mess impression material, rolling pin, and clay shaping ruler. It has a solid wood frame with acid-free, beige beveled mat and comes with a hanger for easy wall mounting.


Celebrating and honoring the companionship and memories shared is an important part of the healing process.
Headstones, grave markers, and pet garden memorial stones offer unique and custom designs in commemorating the impression left by our pets. Check on You Left Paw Prints On Our Hearts’ Paw Print Pet Memorial Stone with Photo Frame with elegantly etched quote plus a customize photo slot. Another beautifully crafted headstone, PlaqueMaker Dog Memorial – Pet headstone. This headstone is small enough for a pet’s grave. Complete customization includes font, picture, and message.


Another popular choice to store your pet’s remains if they are cremated, urns. They come in varying sizes depending on the animal, and they are available in many different materials. Some are eco-friendly for ashes distribution while others are made of wood, marble, metal or ceramic, and there are many designs to choose from. Urns may come in a box form, jar and other creatively thought concepts of keeping ashes. Amazon provides you with a wide array of urns to choose from, examples are Custom Wood Personalized Engraved Photo Frame Pet Urn and Classic Paws Series Pet Cremation Urn.
If you are more concern with the material, check on Dog in Basket Cremation Urn and Engraved Series Pet Urn for Dogs, Cats and other pets – Brass Engraving.

The first one is made from cold cast resin while the Engraved Series is solid brass with an enamel coating that is hand etched.

Shadow Boxes

In preserving items as part of remembering a dear pet, shadow boxes can give you more space for the bulky stuff by garments and accessories.
Many people like to keep shadow boxes as pet memorials like Imagine This Pet Urn Shadow Box. A shadow box contains tributes to your dog. For example, you might want to place photos of special moments with your dog in it, for examples, photos of running with your dog or your dog catching a ball.
The box can also contain paw-print impressions and your dog’s collar.
You can also place the things that your dog liked in the box. You might place the toys that your dog enjoyed playing with inside the box, for example. If your dog was fond of the beach, sand and shells could be put there.

Dog Jewelry

Lockets, bracelets, and charms are just a few of the jewelry that are used today as pet memorials. Many types of jewelry are able to be customized with your pet’s information or photograph, and some are designed to hold a small amount of your pet’s ashes to keep them with you always. Jewelry types range from pendants and charms to actual paw print and nose print engravings on gold and silver. The versatility of this form as memorials make jewelry highly appealing to the pet owners. Cylinder Cremation Urn Necklace / Keychain Keepsake Ashes Pendant Memorial is a memorial that can be worn or hang at your ideal spot or simply as a keychain. Cathedral Art Pet Memorial Urn Locket-heart Shaped-silver Tone Filigree is a pet memorial in a fine ornamental work. You may also include Picture Ornament for a Pet – Engraved with a Saying and Cathedral Art TPA100 Dog Angel Pin in your options.
Buying products like memorials is not a waste of money. Personally, I am very critical when it comes to commodities. However, spending for something for the heart like pet memorials is an exception. The established relationship between the pet and the owners is priceless. It is worth remembering. It is worth keeping. Besides, you are not alone in this and it is not something new at all. The tradition of pet memorials dates back to ancient Egypt when grieving pet owners mummified their cats, dogs, and other pets. These early animal lovers believed firmly in honoring their loyal animal friends – after mummification, Egyptian pets were often buried in dedicated pet burial sites or entombed with their deceased owners.
Today, pet owners around the world still memorialize their furry friends as the Egyptians did thousands of years ago. Pet memorial products are loving reminders of a pet’s gentle and loyal spirit. Facing death and lost varies in gravity among who are experiencing it. Let’s celebrate and honor life in our hearts’ content.

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