Here is the First Look at Piper

»»Here is the First Look at Piper

Warning: Cuteness overload! 

Pixar has just released a clip of its newest animated short, Piper. The short will play before Finding Dory, which is scheduled to release this Friday. Pixar has a history of successful animated shorts, and this may just be the cutest character yet.

In this six minute film, viewers will witness a small sandpiper as he overcomes obstacles and fears while learning to navigate life’s challenges. Director, Alan Barillaro, says the short “is a tale of how to grow up in a world that seems so large and intimidating with the courage to get past those fears.”

Of course we’re excited about Piper, but let’s take a closer look at the animal behind the animation. First of all, what is a sandpiper?

Sandpipers are small to medium size birds, with long legs and wings, and long thin bills. Sandpipers include a number of species and can be found all over the world, except for Antarctica and a few deserts. The majority of the populations thrive at higher altitudes in the Northern Hemisphere. They nest in open areas and guard their nests by flying overhead. Females typically lay three or four eggs at a time.

Fun Facts: Males are the primary caregivers for the eggs. Females may lay eggs for four different males at one time. Females may store sperm for up to a month! Therefore, the eggs she lays for one male may actually be the offspring of a different male, from a previous mating. The oldest Spotted Sandpiper recorded was over 12 years old. The female chooses and defends the territory, which is opposite of many other bird species.

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