High-Tech Pet Gadgets You Need

»»High-Tech Pet Gadgets You Need

As animal lovers, we sometimes go to extremes to not only pamper our pets, but to make life with our four-legged friends more enjoyable and healthier for everyone. We try to feed our pets the best food possible not only because we want them to be healthy, but to avoid high vet bills or the need for petmeds. Luckily for us, we also have some 21st-century devices available to us that can make caring for our beloved pets a lot easier.

Electronic dog door

If you want to give your dog a little more freedom, and avoid the constant let out/let in your dog requires, installing a dog door that gives him access to the back yard can make you both much happier. But some dogs can’t get used to having to push the door open themselves, and there’s also potential for stray animals or even wild animals like racoons to find their way into your home.

The solution is an electronic dog door. Once installed, it’s locked and can only be opened by receiving a signal from a collar your dog wears. When your dog approaches the door, it automatically opens, and then closed behind him. No animal without a collar can open the door, and it’s also burglar-proof. Your dog will be able to come and go as he pleases, and you won’t have to worry about security.

Air-cleaning litter box

The number one dilemma cat owners face is litter box odor. Cat urine is especially pungent, and if the box is not kept clean, the smell can permeate your entire home. Cat litter manufacturers offer a wide range of products with odor killers and perfumes to try to control this problem, but they’re not always very effective. And you can’t very well stand by your kitty’s box to clean it every time she uses it. There’s a better way.

A company called Bionaire makes a high-tech Odor Grabber Air-Cleaning Litter Box that contains an air purification system. It’s not just a charcoal filter you insert in the lid of the box. This litter box is electronically operated, and circulates air through a filter to actually remove the odor particles. It also offers a pre-filter which removes litter dust, hair, and dander from the air before it reaches the cleaning filter. Your guests won’t even know you have a cat. Well, at least until they see how the side of the sofa has been shredded.

Horse microchips

Smart pet owners have their dogs and cats microchipped. If your pet is ever lost, runs away, or is even stolen, a microchip can help you recover your beloved family member much more quickly and effectively than posting fliers around town. But what if you own a horse? It’s less likely that your horse will escape his stable or paddock, but it does happen. And in addition to the affection your may feel for your horse, there is also substantial value attached to equines. You may not have considered it, but you can have your horse microchipped, too.

A horse microchip works exactly the same way it does for a dog or cat. A small, biocompatible chip is programmed with an identification number, and then implanted under the horse’s skin. If the horse is ever lost or stolen, upon recovery, the microchip can be scanned to reveal the ID number, which is attached to a file with your contact information. Don’t assume that something as big as a horse simply can’t be lost. Take steps to protect your horse—and your investment—the way you would for your housepets.

As we move further into the new millennium, ever more high tech pet gadgets will come around to make our lives easier, and to help us keep our pets safe, healthy, and happy. This is a great time to be a pet owner.

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