How to Be Safe When Camping With Your Dog

»»How to Be Safe When Camping With Your Dog

Sometimes the hardest thing that you can do is leave a loved one behind when you decide to take that camping trip and in this case, your loved one is your dog. If you’ve ever felt that you’re not having enough time with your dog, then camping ought to bridge this gap. The trip will not only be a fun way for your pet to get exercise, but you will be opening up a whole new world of sights and smells to your beloved.

But even as you consider the fun that you’ll both have, precautions and responsibilities have to be paramount in your mind. You don’t want to take a trip, only to return and have to begin with medical treatments of any kind for your faithful friend. Below are some ideas that will make your camping trip both fun and safe.

Before your camping trip, there are a number of things you need to remember. Not all dogs are outdoors lovers, and you have to know which category your pet belongs to.


Preparing For Your Trip

Even as you consider your camping trip, you have to remember that not all camping sites are dog-friendly, so make sure you select the right one and call ahead if need be. The last thing you want to do is to arrive and find that your pet isn’t welcome.

You’ll also want to make sure that your dog is in perfect health before taking that trip, so you’re not rushing all over the place trying to find a veterinary doctor should things go wrong. Also, realize that some plants can cause an allergic reaction and so ensure that you mention this to your vet. Let your dog get used to tents and other camping gear to familiarize them with whatever equipment you’ll be using.

Packing For Your Trip

Pack enough leashes depending on how long you plan to stay and let them be a maximum of six feet in length. You’ll also need towels, brushes, your pet’s food and bags for you to pick up after your furry friend. Never forget drinking water as you can’t be too sure of the water you’ll find at the campsite. Don’t be too absorbed in packing for your pet that you forget to do your own packing too.

Traveling to the Campsite

Make sure your pet is restrained in the car to avoid accidents. Using a harness or crate should be ideal. Do not use a leash whatsoever, for the dog will still be able to jump all over the place and you want to avoid any serious or fatal injuries to your dog. The jumping could also distract you and that’s very dangerous especially if you’re the one driving.

Safety At The Camp

Sometimes pets and owners get separated. In order to avoid this, take as many pictures of you and your pet and send them to friends. This will help you should your dog go missing, and you need to identify and prove that you’re the owner. Well labeled dog-tags, microchips, and bells will also come in handy.

Keep your dog cool by picking a shaded area for your campsite. Watch out for poisonous plants, insects, and reptiles and do all you can to keep your pet away from any danger. Never leave your pet unattended, not even for a second. You could find out from the park officials which areas are dangerous and off limits. Keep yourself and your pet safe by observing park rules. Use good judgment when you see animals that could pose a danger to you or your pet and do all you can to steer clear of them.


If your dog is to sleep outside make sure that you tether them so they don’t wander off in the night or chase after rabbits as you sleep. Have their favorite sleeping bag or basket to keep your dog comfortable and clean. Keep your pet comfortable so they are not barking all through the night and causing a disturbance. If your pet is to sleep inside with you, make sure that you have trained them so they are not scared of being in a closely confined space with you.

Cleanliness At The Camp

Make sure that you pick up after your dog. The reason many campsites don’t welcome pets is that people have the tendency to ignore their animals’ waste and this then becomes a health hazard, apart from the foul stench.

Brushing your dog’s coat will enable you to find out if ticks or other fleas have attached themselves to your pet. These could cause a lot of discomforts, not to mention diseases.

By observing park rules and using your common sense, the next camping trip you take with your pet could be so much fun for both of you. Prepare well in advance and make sure that any questions you have are answered in good time before you get there. So go ahead, have fun with your loved one.

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