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There are several ways of cleaning your dog’s teeth, but not all of these are effective.The most common and most effective method of cleaning your dog’s teeth is a professional clean at your local veterinary clinic.This usually entails you dropping your dog off for a good few hours and picking him up again later. The vet and his staff will use anesthetic to knock the dog out so that they can give his teeth a thorough clean.This is usually a big job as it entails removing a buildup of plaque and bacteria from many years. Antibiotics are usually recommended later. This is also the most expensive procedure and has the highest risk. This option is regarded as far too risky by many. It is not worth being under anesthesia every time you need your teeth cleaned.

Dog and cat toothpaste may be popular, but it does not work. The brushes that are sometimes included with these will only irritate the gums. These toothpastes often contain enzymes that are absorbed into the bloodstream and may cause neurological issues.There are far better alternatives. Commercially made dental bones claim to break down and remove plaque when the dog is chewing them.

These products are risky because your dog may choke on them and they may trigger allergies because of the low nutritional ingredients they are made with. It is recommended that you feed your dog real meat, bones and fresh vegetables to keep their teeth clean and their breath fresh. Chewing on fresh bones helps break down plaque and keeps the teeth clean.

A dog’s teeth problems can actually lead to life threatening issues. If you clean your dogs teeth, the best brush to use is a double headed brush with which you can brush just below the gum line. Dogs don’t always like having their teeth brushed at first, but if you try to do it when they have had some exercise they may actually sit still for you. You must not over do the procedure and stop if your dog seems agitated. Brush his teeth every day, even if you don’t do the whole mouth, until he gets used to it. Make sure you speak to him in a soothing way while brushing.

Your dog will begin looking forward to having his teeth cleaned, especially if you begin this treatment when he is still a puppy. Do not use human toothpaste as it is toxic. Use only dog toothpaste. It is better to serve your dog dry dog food or crunchy kibble than wet food which sticks to the teeth. You should take your dog to the vet if you see any signs of change in his mouth.

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