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When it comes to your cat, hairballs are part of the territory. Cats cough up hairballs as a way to get the fur out of their system. The only problem with this is that it frequently ends up on your carpet.

Instead of spending the rest of your life cleaning up after your pet, take a proactive stance and do something about the hairball situation. With these tips and tricks, you can get rid of hairballs once and for all.

How to Cut Back on Hairballs

Hairballs are a natural part of the grooming process. The backward barbs on a cat’s tongue trap extra fur that then gets swallowed and ends up in their stomach, eventually getting coughed back up. Worse, the hair that doesn’t get coughed up could block your cat’s intestines, resulting in a hefty vet bill or further harm. However, there are steps that you can take to help! Check out these tips for cutting back on the hairballs once and for all.

Help Them Out with the Grooming

Your cat usually does most of the work when it comes to grooming. When you consider how often you witness your cat grooming themselves, are you surprised that some of that hair ends up coughed up? Grooming your cat with a special brush can help remove any loose or dead hair before your cat gets to it and will definitely help cut back on hairballs.

Changing Their Food & Diet

Sometimes cats will shed extra hair because they are suffering from nutritional deficiencies or not eating in a normal pattern. Take a look at the dry or wet food they’re eating. Many cats need foods that are specific for their stage in life as well. Elderly cats, young cats, and adult cats all can benefit from eating cat food made just for them, as it often contains the types of ingredients and nutrition that they specifically need. Wet food is good to put out for your cats as well since there’s a high water content and the food is more easily digestible. Consider giving them treats that have vitamin supplements in them and consider checking out brands of food that cater to reducing hairballs as well.

Consider Special Products

Many pet supply stores carry products designed to help cut back on hairballs. They are commercially available petroleum based products that lubricate the digestive tract and make passage of hair easier. Consult your vet about these products before use and generally try the above steps as cats really hate the taste of this sometimes and an ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure.

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