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Nail trimming benefits both owner and pet, and the home they live in. Cats love to scratch, climb and perform acrobatic landings by nature. Regular grooming will keep them comfortable and away from the risks of getting wounded or developing paw problems. It also ensures everyone’s safety from being harmed, and your furniture and valuable home decor scratch-free.

However, it’s quite challenging for most cat owners to perform a calm and relaxed session. It doesn’t help at all when your nail trimmer or scissors seem like a magic wand, where kitty disappears at the sight of it! Here are some guidelines on how to trim your cat’s nails towards successful, and even enjoyable nail-trimming routine with your pet.

1. Early Routine Introduction

Ideally, a cat should be introduced to nail clipping during cute little kitten days. Don’t worry if you’ve gone past this stage, for it’s never too late to make friends with your cat’s paws. Give your furball time to get familiarized with the sight, sound, or even smell of the nail clippers.

It’s best to do it in a quiet room, where you can comfortably sit your pet on your lap and create a relaxed ambiance. Steer clear of windows where other things might catch his or her attention, and keep other pets outside the room in the meantime.The right timing is key, right when your cat looks sleepy or lazy, full after a meal or a bit tired after playtime.

2. Gentleness and Patience

Gently put one of your cat’s paws between your fingers, then massage for three seconds, no more no less. If kitty pulls her away, exhibit calmness and don’t be quick to squeeze or pinch! Maintain gentle contact and try again when your cat stays still and press on the paw pad so the nail extends out. Immediately release the paw and follow up by giving your cat a good treat. Be consistent and do the same for the other toes at least every other day.

There’s no reason to rush, so do not attempt nail-trimming if either you or your pet is upset or your cat gets agitated. It would take some getting used to, but trust that your pet will gradually accept the process and your patience will bear its fruit. Once your pet ultimately lets you trim, don’t expect to trim all ten claws in one go, but take it as an improvement even if it’s just one nail at a time.

3. Utmost Care and Caution

Be extra careful that you don’t cut the pink part of your cat’s nail, referred to as the quick. This sensitive area is where the nerves and blood vessels are, and it’s better to cut less of the nail than risk accidentally cutting the quick. Have some styptic powder or stick within reach in case it happens to stop the bleeding right away.

Pick good quality trimmers to avoid any more trouble when nail-clipping. If all efforts do not seem to work, then it won’t hurt to seek the help of your cat’s vet or a groomer. What matters most is that your cat’s feet are kept healthy and everyone will be happy!

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