I’m a CAT, doggonit!

»»I’m a CAT, doggonit!

Hi! My name is Ducky.

I am a cat…really…I am a cat.

My family doesn’t seem to think so. What’s that you say…how do I know that? Well lately, I’ve eavesdropped on some conversations they’ve had about me. They say I am something other than a cat. I’ve even heard reference to that other, inferior creature, a D-O-G! Look, I am just a regular guy, a shy type of guy…a good looking orange tabby (if I may say so), but I’m kind of like a watch cat. When I hear a noise outside, I start to growl. Yeah…I said growl, a low, deep guttural growl. The other cats in the house take notice. (Oh! Yeah…there are 5 other cats in the house. I’m the favorite, but I digress.) A noise outside means I spring into action, ready to defend my house and everyone and everything in it! I’m on stakeout, right by the front door, ears perked, eyes alert, claws poised to scratch out the offender’s eyes.

I’m tough, I can take on Godzilla, bring it on monkey breath!!! Even my people, especially the lady of the house, take notice. Once I announce a possible intruder and take my sentry station, I’ve seen her peeking through the windows and checking out the front yard. I know that I am providing a valuable service to my family and I am proud of it! I guess because I growl that’s why they think I am a dog…Ech!…I can’t even stand to say that word!


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