International Cheetah Day

»»International Cheetah Day

Here are some things you can do to celebrate International Cheetah Day on December 4th:

  1. Learn about cheetahs – scroll down to see our cheetah facts
  2. Wish everyone you meet a very “Happy International Cheetah Day!”.
  3. Get yourself a Save The Cheetah International Cheetah Day shirt from our Bonfire fundraising campaign.
  4. Read Freeda The Cheetah by Picklefish Press! The Kindle version is free to download on Amazon.
  5. Join the conversation on Twitter by using hashtags #Loud4Cheetahs, #SaveTheCheetah, & #IntlCheetahDay.
  6. Share a cheetah image on your social media profile for the day, week or month.
  7. Watch and share this special International Cheetah Day video message from Richard Wiese.
  8. Visit the places where cheetahs live. Visit a zoo on December 4th or make a plan to visit Africa (many conservation organizations gladly accept volunteers and interns). There are conservation organizations working in research facilities, around the world and in the field, to help save the cheetah. They need YOUR help, so please consider making a donation to one of the organizations that is making a difference TODAY!

And remember ……the cheetah needs your help not just on December 4th, but every day of the year!

The world’s fastest land animal is racing against extinction. Help us win the race!

Cheetah Facts:

  • Cheetahs have “tear marks” that run from the inside corners of their eyes down to the outside edges of their mouth. These marks help reflect the glare of the sun when they are hunting during the day. They work just like the black marks that football players put under their eyes during the games. These marks also work like the sights on a rifle, to help the cheetah “aim” and stay focused on their prey when they are hunting.

  • There are less than 8,000 cheetahs left in the wild, making the cheetah Africa’s most endangered big cat.

  • The cheetah is the world’s fastest land animal. They can run 70 mph (or 110 kph), which is as fast as cars drive on the highway. The cheetah can reach its top speed in just 3 seconds!

  • Cheetah cubs have long tall hair that runs from their neck all the way down to the base of their tail, which is called the mantle. The mantle makes a cheetah cub look like a honey badger and makes them blend into tall grass, which helps keep them safe from threats like lions and hyenas.

  • The cheetah has a long, muscular tail that has a flat shape. The tail almost functions like a rudder on a boat because they use it to help control their steering and keep their balance when running very fast.

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