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When it comes to your pet, you love them to death. There are times when you even find a stray cat or dog that doesn’t appear to have a home. Young kittens and puppies especially need to be bottle fed in order to get them some nutrients and in some cases help them start to heal some. However, many animals out on the street need bottle care, as do domesticated pets that may be sick or not doing well. So, how do you make the bottle feeding thing work? Read on to find out.

Help! I need to Bottle Feed A Cat/Dog, What Do I Need to Make This Work?

Feeding Kittens

Kittens cannot have cow’s milk and meet their nutrient requirements and it should be avoided at all costs as it could cause diarrhea, which can be quite serious in young kittens. Therefore you must first go get approved kitten formula to feed them with or make an approved dietary formula. A vet will be able to advise you on this as well. You’ll need a small bottle with a nipple.Make the bottle just above room temperature by immersing it in a bowl of warm to hot water. Check the temp with a thermometer or your finger to confirm that it is the right temperature and will not be too hot for the kitten. You want it to be pleasantly warm, never hot.

Feeding Puppies

You can get formula to feed puppies in liquid or powder form. Whether you’re feeding an orphaned puppy or a sick puppy, the approach is mostly the same, although you’ll need to get a sick puppy you have found into a vet’s office as soon as possible as they need to be diagnosed and may need special formula. Follow the ingredients to make the formula and consider adding a quarter of a lactose tablet to help the puppy digest any cow’s milk (consult with a vet on this as well). You’ll need to buy a special puppy nursing bottle and make sure that the formula is warmed to 99-100 degrees Farenheit before feeding. Insert the nipple into the puppy’s mouth by gently prying and then squeezing a drop or two out. Make sure not to overfeed the puppy as well– go easy and give them a little less, as overfeeding can cause pneumonia (the milk goes into the lungs and not the stomach).

At the end of the day, helping a puppy, kitten, or grown cat or dog is pretty easy. Feeding all animals is pretty simple; gently work the bottle into the mouth and squeeze, letting them get used to feeding. You’ll need a bottle, the type of which you need might vary. You’ll also need formula, gentleness, and patience! Consult a vet for best tips on how to go forward and you can’t lose.

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