It’s All Doggy Business… and It’s the Law.

»»It’s All Doggy Business… and It’s the Law.

It seems like our newsfeeds are currently inundated with bathroom drama. So, we bring you…
More bathroom laws. But for many pet owners, especially travelers with service animals, this law is anything BUT controversial.

By August of this year, all airports that services more than 10,000 passengers per year are required to have a pet restroom. Whether that’s a special area for your doggy to do its business or an actual restroom next to the human restrooms, is up to the airport. But, what is necessary is for pet owners to have an area for their pets to use the restroom without having to take them outside of the TSA security area.

Travel with service animals or other companion animals is on the rise, and the need for a convenient and sanitary way for them to do their business was becoming evident. A law was passed last year that requires airports to implement these features, and the deadline for compliance is this fall.

Some airports, such as New York’s JFK Airport, have already made the addition. There, you will find a pet restroom, conveniently between the Men’s and Women’s restrooms in Terminal 4. The pet potty comes complete with waste bags, a fire hydrant, and hoses to clean up the area after their pet.

Although it’s a legal requirement, JFK decided to implement early, as they’ve seen the rise of companion animals in travel, and the concern about missing connecting flights if they are forced through TSA security multiple times.

Pet owners are also thrilled with this new addition. Owners traveling with service animals expressed concern about their service animals having to “hold it” while traveling.

With pet restrooms now a requirement for air passengers, travel has become one step more convenient for people AND their pets.

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