Jager- This Week’s Dog of the Week

»»Jager- This Week’s Dog of the Week

This week’s dog of the week is submitted by Renae in Nebraska.

Renae has this to say about her adorable family companion.

“His name is Jäger. He was a shelter pet, so we don’t know his breed(s) or exact age. He’s been a member of our family for eight years. He’s not outdoorsy and hates camping and both hot or cold weather. He doesn’t like toys and is afraid of pretty much everything. We think he may have been abused as a puppy. He is a huge fan of lounging on the couch, especially with soft accessories. He is a carb hound, with cornbread as his absolutely favorite food. While the spirit if the wild does not run deep in him, we adore our couch potato and couldn’t be more grateful he found us.”
Renae posted this picture of her sweet Jager, while he was cuddled up at home and OUT of the storm. We feel you Jager- we do not want to be out in the rain either, when there’s a nice cuddly couch or bed to warm up in. Stay in little buddy, and stay dry!


Thank you for your submission Renae and thank you for your adoption of a shelter pet.
Here at AnimalPlex, we are BIG advocates of rescue and shelter pets. Hit up your local humane society or animal shelter and take a look around. Pets of all ages and temperaments need adopting. Older cats and dogs are especially at risk for not being adopted because people tend to prefer the babies of the bunch. But, don’t overlook an older pet- they may have a lot to provide a family. Many times, these animals have been well cared for their entire lives and their owners could no longer care for them because of their (the human’s) age or health. Those pets can be the perfect addition to your family, and as a bonus, many times come already socialized, well-adjusted, and most importantly, potty trained!
If you are considering adopting any animal, remember that your family friend is a life long companion, so please choose carefully. But we don’t hold it against you if you’ve had to give a pet back in your life. If the circumstances are unavoidable, we’d rather see an animal in a shelter or humane society where it has a chance at a second life versus being abandoned. Just keep these things in mind as you consider your next family friend!
And may you offer as great of a forever home as Renae’s family has for their sweet Jager!
Check out our directory for local shelters, groomers, and other businesses to serve all of your pet needs. If you see something missing or know of a great shelter in your town, drop us a message in our contact form so we can get resources added in your area. We want to be great pet advocates and we are beyond grateful for all the animal submissions each week for our pet of the week!

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