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Be Kind to Animals Week

We Have 6 Awesome Ways to Be Kind to Animals this Week

Brandy Hunter

As Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals.” Now, we do wish for everyone to be kind to animals all day every day. However, with our busy lives, we sometimes go about just doing the bare minimum to not be cruel or neglectful to our own pets.

Be Kind to Animals Week is a special week (the entire first full week of May) where super animal lovers can go the extra mile to do something kind for the animals we love so much. In honor of this week and the wonderful beings it represents, we have compiled a list of ways to include your family, church, or school group to be extra Kind to Animals.

1. Volunteer at a Shelter

Animal shelters are always in need of volunteers to clean kennels, scoop kitty litters, scrub water bowls, and snuggle some of the shelter animals. The volunteer coordinators at animal shelters work hard to try to schedule the right amount of volunteers throughout the month so it is a good idea to call your local animal shelters or animal control facility first and ask them when is a good time for your family or group to volunteer. Be sure that everyone knows to wear the appropriate attire and behave accordingly when you get there.

2. Collect Food for Shelters or Needy Pet Families

While your own pets may have specific brands of food that they eat consistently, animal shelters may end up scrambling to buy enough food to feed each of their animals 2-3 meals every single day. With many dogs and cats requiring special diets, shelters can have a hard time affording all the food. Your organization can help by holding a dry or bagged food drive. Have your group decorate and drop off collection boxes at local businesses to be picked up and delivered to shelters later. Many pet shops, especially big ones like PetSmart will love the idea of setting these just inside their stores encouraging customers to buy an extra bag of kibble for the bin.

3. Raise Awareness

Help spread the word about some worthy animal causes that are near to your heart. Your group can run or walk in a marathon, hold up demonstration signs, or hand-make awareness flyers to post around town. If your organization decides to do a marathon, visit local businesses or politicians and ask them to sponsor a few dollars for every mile your group walks. You could even divide your group into teams or individuals who each walk for their own favorite cause.

4. Encourage Businesses

Visit several businesses in your neighborhood a few weeks before May and ask them to participate in Be Kind to Animals Week. Suggest they hold a special day for special sales with portions of their proceeds going to local animal welfare organizations. Make coupon books with all of the participating businesses to hand out or sell for even more donations.

5. Raise Money

Raise donation money in other ways in addition to marathons and discount sales. Hold a fundraiser with raffle baskets, silent auctions, trivia games. Check out the many more ideas that we compiled in our special article, “Thinking Outside the Box to Make Money for Your Nonprofit Animal Welfare Organization.”

6. “Adopt” an Endangered Animal

Raise money to sponsor an endangered wild animal like a whale, tiger, or wolf. The proceeds go towards the preservation of endangered animals and your group or child will receive photos and regular updates on your adopted animal.

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