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»»Library Cat Gets to Stay

A little town in Texas became big news worldwide over a single cat. Yes, a cat. His name is Browser and he lives in the White Settlement library. On June 14, the City Council voted to evict Browser from his home of six years, and gave him 30 days to find a new place to rest his paws. But instead of a quiet vote, the news went viral. Petitions were signed, emails were sent. The feedback, coming in from a far away as Australia, London, and Guam all echoed the same thing: LET BROWSER STAY.

White Settlement Mayor, Ronald White, says he’s received over 1800 emails since the vote, and he wasn’t sure if the publicity was a good thing or a bad thing. But, the outcry did make a difference. The City Council decided to hold another vote this week, and it was unanimously decided that Browser could stay. The Council members who changed their votes haven’t commented on their reasons, but the publicity (and the hate mail) probably factored in. The wife of one of the Council members commented, “We just wanted it all to go away. We’ve been called cat haters and we have cats at home. People have suggested doing things just short of murder.”

The cat, originally adopted from a local shelter, was brought to the library to kill rodents. The library had hired an exterminator but staff members were concerned about the rodent poisons ending up on children’s books and potentially harming the children. A cat was the logical option. 6 years later, Browser has become the star of the library. And when his residency was in jeopardy, it didn’t take long for the world to rally behind him.

So, Browser the library cat gets to stay. He’s going to be moved toward the back of the library though, in case anyone has cat allergies. But, so far, there haven’t been any complaints.

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