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Kayla Filoon found love at first sight while working at Philadelphia’s municipal animal shelter. Filoon is a student at Temple University, and walked into the shelter one day to find a young pit bull named Russ sitting calmly and staring at her with his big, longing eyes. Russ came in as a stray, with a host of illnesses including a kennel cough, an eye infection, itchy skin, a bloody tail and very underweight. Filoon took him outside to play and give him some special dog treats. “And he would not stop cuddling with me,” Filoon said. “I fell in love.” The next day she took him for a drive. While feeding him some nuggets from Chick-fil-A, the song came on the radio, ” A sky full of Stars” who’s lyrics read; “Cause you’re a sky full of stars, I’m gonna give you my heart”. “I actually cried,” said Filoon. “I knew it was meant to be.” She immediately drove back to the shelter and put in adoption papers. Now Russ is in his forever home. His medicated baths have helped with his skin irritations and his kennel cough is completely gone. Filoon and Russ are inseparable. From sleeping together, going on trips and walking around campus, their love continues to grow. “He has not even been with me for two weeks yet, however the bond that we have is incredible,” said Filoon. “He does not leave my side.”

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