Meet Gracie!

»»Meet Gracie!

This week’s horse of the week comes to us from Waco, Texas courtesy of Dr. Heidi Marcum.
This week we introduce to you, Gracie, aka High Noon Woman. Gracie is a registered Paint Horse, with a breeding history that includes a champion halter and trail show horse. Although her daddy was a performer, Gracie enjoys the quiet life, eating, and hanging out with her friends. She has no interest in the high-stress life of a show horse. Here we see Gracie enjoying the beautiful Texas Spring weather.
Dr Marcum is a university professor who teaches environmental studies and teachers her students about compassionately caring for a variety of species of animals. She has had a number of horses as well as a number of other rescue animals over the years. Many of her horses have been rescued and would otherwise faced death.
This particular horse is an American Paint horse. The history of the American Paint developed after other pedigrees of Quarter and Thoroughbred Horses were discriminated against in preference by show organizations. The Paint horse, so named for its combination of light and dark coloring, was then developed and the paint variations are now preferred by some and seen as a beautiful addition to the horse. Uncommon once before, the American Paint horse is now one of the of largest breeds in North America as evidenced by the number of members in the American Paint Horse Association.
Paint horses are commonly used as show and performance animals, including English riding and jumping competitions. Although the Pain horse excels in those sports, as witnessed above, just like people, some individuals would prefer to stay out of the spot light and instead be cozy and comfortable on a farm full of loving other creatures.
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Thank you again, to Dr. Heidi Marcum as she shares her sweet Gracie with the internet this week. Proper care and compassion for your pets goes such a long way in improving and maintaining their quality of life and we are excited to feature someone with such a passion for all animal life!

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