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»»Most Common Pet Birds

Pet birds make wonderful companions. However, simply getting into a pet shop and getting any bird that looks nice is not a clever way to choose a pet bird. The key is to choose the right bird that can adjust well to your family as well as surroundings. Here is the list of top five common bird pets.


Affectionate and curious, parakeets are the most common pet birds among bird lovers. For those who are the first time bird owner, parakeets make a good choice. Some budgies or parakeets even become very good talkers. Budgies are available in a variety of vibrant colors like red, blue, green etc. They can be tamed easily with gentle and patient handling. They make great company and love to show off when they are in playful mood. These loving creatures bond with their human creatures. The best part is they are less expensive, and require very little maintenance.


Among the most varied pet birds, canaries are well-known for their melodious voice and vibrant colors. Canaries are small and colourful birds, but bit louder and noisier. These melodious birds are great for keeping you company. As they are small in size, they require small cage size with small branches to wander around. They require very little maintenance to be happy. It is a good pet for children.


Also known as song birds, finches are similar to canaries. Finches are colourful little birds that make a great pet for someone who loves song birds. They are fast-moving and fun to watch birds, who create an amazing liveliness and vivacious surrounding around themselves. Two of the most commonly kept pet true finches are Society finch and Zebra Finch. These little birds thrive in small flocks, and it is best to keep them in pairs. For those who like to watch birds with minimal human interaction, finches make a great choice. With proper care and attention, a finch pet can live up to ten years.


Cockatiels are quite popular among experienced bird owners. Most people love this bird species because of the affection that it gives. They have a gentle nature and are easy to train. Cockatiels are social birds and appreciate the company of fellow birds kept in captivity. They develop a strong bonding with their owners and need human interaction to remain happy and healthy. Colorful and outgoing, cockatiels are relatively inexpensive and easy species to maintain.


Cockatoos are loving, gentle and affectionate birds and make wonderful bird pets. They are quite intelligent, and can easily understand and follow verbal commands. They need good training, as they can be destructive and tend to chew or damage furniture if not trained and supervised well. They do not have a range of vocabularies, but can talk quite few words. They require a great deal of attention, and can become loud and noisy if that is not given. Umbrella cockatoos are the most popular type among cockatoos. They are bigger in size, and require good amount of maintenance.

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