Mother Fights Off Mountain Lion in Colorado

»»Mother Fights Off Mountain Lion in Colorado

A mother in Colorado fought off a mountain lion attack this week. The animal had attacked her 5 year old son while he was playing outside with his brother. Upon hearing the screams, the mom fought the mountain lion and was said to have “physically removed” her son from its grasp.
The child’s head, face, and neck were injured, and he was transported to a local hospital He remained conscious and alert. The mother sustained injuries to her legs and hands and was treated and released in good condition.
Officials found the animal in the same area as the attack, an indication the animal was sick or injured. The forest service killed the animal.
Mountain lion attacks are rare, and fewer than 12 fatalities have been reported in the United States in more than a century.

Although sightings are rare, it is good to be prepared. The Mountain Lion Foundation recommends the following tips for mountain lion encounters.

Make yourself appear as large as possible

Huddle close with other adults, kids, and pets. Open your jacket and wave your arms slowly above you.

Make noise

Make loud sounds that cannot be confused as prey like shouting and banging sticks against a tree.

Be predator-like

Maintain eye contact and never crouch down. Never turn away.

Slowly create distance

Back away slowly so the mountain lion has a clear path to get away. Make sure you are not in the bath of offspring or prey. Never turn your back on the animal.

If necessary, protect yourself

In the event of an attack, throw objects such as rocks at the animal. You can fight back and most likely scare them away. Most importantly, protect your throat and neck.

As mentioned above, mountain lion attacks are extremely rare. In many places where mountain lions are common, humans will never notice their presence as they are typically shy and stealthy. Forest officials do not consider mountain lion sightings a safety concern in most areas.

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