Mountain Goat Drowns In Ocean Trying To Escape Alaska Crowds Taking Photos

»»Mountain Goat Drowns In Ocean Trying To Escape Alaska Crowds Taking Photos

A mountain goat drowned at sea in Alaska this weekend trying to escape crowds of onlookers trying to take its picture, the latest interaction between looky-loos and wildlife that has proven deadly.


The white goat was spotted on Seward Harbor Saturday evening after apparently wandering down to the seaside town from the hillside.When it tried to find its way back, it got hemmed in on the beach by onlookers trying to take its picture. This prompted the goat to enter the water, where eventually drowned, wildlife officials reported.“There was a sea otter next to it. And then a woman’s Spaniel swam out to it,” Kerri O’Neill told the local NBC affiliate.The goat’s body was later recovered by a boater.In a report on the incident, Alaska state troopers said that people not giving the goat space and getting close to take photos “resulted in a wild animal dying for no cause,” the Alaska Dispatch News reported.

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It’s just the latest deadly outcome for a wild animals and onlookers who let their curiosity get the best of them

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