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»»Pet Appreciation Week

The month of June is a significant one, not only as it is the sixth month of the year or even the fact that many music festivals occur at this time of the year in many countries, particularly countries on the northern hemisphere that experience summer weather conditions. There is plenty to do this summer, particularly for your pets. The first full week of June every year marks the starting of Pet Appreciation Week, which runs from the 4th of June until the 10th.

This is a great opportunity to reflect on your own personal pet stories, of either funny stories or even survival stories of that little pup that you saved from the dog pound/ (animal shelter as it is more commonly known). Whatever your story may be- now is the time to reflect and show your appreciation by treating your pet.

In light of Pet Appreciation Week, and the best possible way to show your pet some appreciation this week is to show some attention. Enjoy taking your pet with you on the beach, to the park, or even just to play in the yard. In light of this, you could also get them a lovely gift that you can use to play with, such as rope for canines and felines. Big dogs especially love big juicy bones that you can get from a butcher.

The option is also available to purchase a toy or gift for your beloved pet. For canine owners, there are plenty options at your disposal as a token of your love.



One of the great options available for pampering your dog is a nail file, to file those long unsightly nails down for them.

Another great option that you could try is a spray which eliminates bad breath and fights plaque. If you would like to by this product and support an animal charity for those less fortunate you can do so by purchasing this product for your animal. A portion of all profits go to an animal in need. You are therefore making a difference in your pets’ life and another misfortunate pet.

Another choice for pampering your dog is a grooming brush for dog and cat hair, specifically for heavy shedders such as Labradors, specifically in the warm months of summer. This removes all the dead and loose hair off your dog, especially around the most sensitive areas such as by the eyes or nose. If the fur by the eyes becomes too long, besides being unsightly it becomes difficult for your dog to see. Alternatively, excessive fur on the face results in difficulty breathing. Naturally, the other benefit of shedding the excess fur means that you could cut down vacuuming by a tremendous amount.


There are many different kinds of edibles for you to choose from such as dog food supplements which come in various flavors such as salmon oil or bitter apple. This could be a great pellet substitute, especially if you would like to mix this with their normal dog food for added flavor. Spoil your dog is by getting them a healthy snack to nibble on such as a big tender bone.

If your dog likes Jerky, then you could get them fresh pre-packed meat products such as minced treats or dog jerky as an option. One of the benefits of fresh meat for dogs is that it contains no additives. Therefore this means that it is safe and healthy for your dog to eat.

Another way to show your appreciation is by getting your canine a small toy to play with such a plush toy to bite or even a bouncy ball.

Lastly, if you feel like you would like to ensure your dog does not feel smothered by all the love and decides to run away this week, invest in a decent, sturdy leash so that they can run without feeling constricted.


Cats are wanderers by nature as well being lovable. Couple this with being playful, and your feline friend can be shown appreciation in many ways. The choices are endless. You could invest in some cat furniture which is generally wrapped in plush to allow your cats to scratch and sharpen their claws on it as much as they wish, instead of couches or other furniture. You also have the ability to wash the cat tower if they decide to mark their territory against it.


Wet canned food, especially for cats are a great way to show your appreciation this week. At times cats also get tired of the same food, and now is a great opportunity to feed them something different to eat, and especially something with a turkey flavor would really get their appetite back again.  It is also a good product to give once in a while as a change from ordinary dry pellets.

Another must-have item for cats is an automatic feeder. This is an amazing work of machinery that can be controlled by smart-phone and with the press of a button, a small hatch opens from which the cats can eat. This allows the dry food to stay dry, instead of sitting out for hours and becoming moist and tasteless for your cat. It also allows for an app that allows you to personalize food options for your cat.

You could also get a furry snake or toy rat for your cat to play with. Cats really enjoy playing with these small toys and what better time than Pet Appreciation Week.

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