Pet Owners who Care, Give Pet Cats Something to Wear

»»Pet Owners who Care, Give Pet Cats Something to Wear

Pet Owners who Care, Give Pet Cats Something to Wear

Have you ever wondered, since when did cats start to wear clothes as a commodity? Basically, it all started when cats’ apparels became readily available in the market. Another phenomenon that supports this fascination with dressing up cats is the birth of Hello Kitty. More than 40 years ago, this cat (as most people wish to believe that she is), showed the world how cute it is to see a fashionable cat.

Animal welfare advocates would disagree but cats may actually benefit from wearing clothes. Whether it’s a shirt, sweater, hoodie or a cute dress, our feline companion may thank their owners for their new outfit.

Cold seasons may take more than just your cat’s natural coat of fur to keep them warm. Even if your cat stays indoors in the comfort of your home’s central heating, winter mornings can still be quite brisk. Dressing them up from simple shirts to more elaborated clothing will give them an extra layer of protection against the cold. However, there are important factors to consider when buying our pet cat something to wear. Pet owners need to choose the right ones. From the wide array of cats’ apparel, AnimalPlex noted some of the best options that cat lovers can give their pets.

Ennc Pet Bath Towel Microfiber Soft

A nice comfy terry cloth bathrobe after your kitty has taken its bath is the best compliment for the tolerant kitty. Most cats hate water and this can be a nice way to cover up, for its much-regretted water encounter.

Adorable Cute Warm Soft Flannel Dog Cat Pet Pajamas

Give your cat the warmth it needs. Pajamas are the best way to dress up your cat, during the cold winter nights. You can either pick one, made out of thermal fabrics or go for the normally used materials, such as cotton and polyester.

Sundlight Snap Button Raincoat for Small and Medium Dogs and Cats

Being caught in the rain is inevitable. We all know that cats hate to be around water places. However, there are times that you and your feline have to deal with weather changes while exploring the nature. At such situations, a specially designed cat raincoat can come handy.

Bro’Bear Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater for Small Dogs & Cats

If you are residing in freezing countries, you would realize that it becomes necessary to protect your pussy from the harsh weather conditions. The best bet would be to get your cat a nice warm jacket or coat or even sweaters. However, make sure to keep an eye on them the first time they wear knitted sweaters. It might initially cause discomforts for them.

Rainflower Small Pet Dog Cat Thick Hoodie

Fashion is for everybody. When I say everybody, it is not just restricted to human beings. This can be proved with the dozens of fashion clothing for pets that are available in stores. Get your feline a cute and elegant fashion clothing set, which usually consists of shirt, pants, hood, and boots.

i’Pet® Princess Floral for Spring Summer Wear

For everyday clothing, get your cat some rugby, tennis, and golf-style shirts. In case you and your kitty are planning a trip to a beach to beat the heat, the ideal option would be to get your pet a spring summer wear.

Another lesser-known benefit from dressing your cat up is the unique bonding experience it creates between the two of you. The same way we used to spend our childhood playtime, this fun time with our pets give pet owners joy. Let us not be solely confined with the notion that this is just a whim. When you’re busy working, taking the kids to school, paying bills and the dozens of other day-to-day tasks you must do, it’s hard to make time for your cat. Let’s give our pet cat the extra care and attention they deserve. If they don’t get this, they may suffer from depression and even act out. Taking a few minutes out of your day to dress them up gives you the chance to develop a bond with them and satisfy their need for attention. There are so much to know and to discover about them. Stay excited. Witness how your love for them grows.

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