What Pet Owners Must Know When Buying Dog Toys for Puppies

»»What Pet Owners Must Know When Buying Dog Toys for Puppies

Playing is essential for puppies. According to Dogs: Their Secret Lives, a documentary on the importance of play as a key to a dog’s happiness, “less play time leads to increase in whining, jumping up, and not responding appropriately when called.”

The study of 400 dog owners, released by Bristol University, shows that puppies who don’t engage in a lot of play suffer from behavioral issues such as anxiety and aggression as they grow towards adulthood. Certainly, play is vital to their wellbeing.

Ensure a stimulating playtime, especially for puppies, through a well-thought choice of toys.

To make playtime extra fun and safe, pet owners must know the considerations when buying toys for puppies.

Let me help you on this one by answering the guide questions in buying toys for puppies.


How does my dog like to play?

From the wide array of toys for puppies, the first thing that pet owners should have is a better understanding of their pet’s needs and interests.

For puppies that love to chew, Amazon has thousands of chew toys to choose from. However, pet owners need to narrow down selection as they answer the succeeding guide questions in this article.

For puppies that love to chase and retrieve, balls and flying discs are among the best options to provide your pups with exercise.

For puppies that simply love to cuddle stuff, plush puppy toys are lovely things.

For puppies that are not interested in toys, teach them how to play with toys. Discover your dog’s preference of toy, it might need a toy that provides a unique challenge like the interactive dog toys. Dogs have individual play needs, it’s like personality.


What breed of dog I have?

Growing up to be on the larger side.


Large dog breeds obviously will require you to buy durable puppy toys, otherwise, your puppy will destroy the toy in about a day.

Toys made by KONG is ideal for larger dogs or really just for dogs that like to play hard. Kong toys are built to be tough, come in different sizes based on the dog breed, and withstand a lot of wear and tear.


Growing up to be on the smaller side.


Smaller dog breeds have the same extreme play drive as large dog breeds, but they need tiny toys that best fit their smaller physique.


How young or old is my puppy?

Best consider the age of your puppy. The stage of growth he may be in is very important in deciding the kind of toy to buy. Is he in full-on teething mode or is he past the teething stage? During this delicate phase of your pets’ growth, be knowledgeable on the best and worst toys to buy for them.

Toys that can be soaked in water and put in the freezer will ease your puppies soar gums as they gnaw and chew while ice melts.


Where will the toys be used most often?

Outdoor Puppy Toys

This kind of toys are usually made of hard rubber and plastic designed for outdoor playtime. Balls, frisbees, ropes and nylon bones like Nylabones are among the outdoor toys that will provide adequate exercise to your puppy.

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