Pet Proofing Your Home’s Electronics

»»Pet Proofing Your Home’s Electronics

Whether you’re concerned about man’s best friend getting caught up in your computer cords or your purr machine eating the buttons off of your stereo pets of all kinds need a little assistance when it comes to getting into mischief. Protecting your pet in your home starts with putting down the toilet lid, securing the garbage and putting away stray things that they can mistake for food. However, your home’s electronics can pose serious threats to your animals safety as well.

To keep your pets away from tantalizing wires and electrical cords, here are five easy ways you can make your home safer and more organized for pet safety.

1. Keep wires out of your pet’s reach

Puppies love to chew. Protecting your cat or dog from exposed wires, especially chewing, is simple if you make a point to keep your electrical wires off the floor. You can do this by using adhesive-backed cord clips to attach and feed your wires under furniture or along wall surfaces. These cord clips work to protect your phone cords, lamp cords and even computer cords from teething pups and curious kittens.

2. Tuck wires out of sight

The best thing you can do to protect your pet is to keep wires out of sight. You can do this with a concealed surge protector, which encloses around stereo, television, phone and computer wires to keep them out of sight and also provides surge protection in case of a power outage or lightening strike.

3. Use nose repelling products

Another effective way to deter pets from dangerous situations is with distasteful smells. I’m talking about odor repellant products that will drive them away such as lavender and citrus scents. I find that using a room spray in my office that’s citrus scented deters my cat from even going inside. I also strategically place little sachets around my computer, tablet PCs, television and stereo so that my cat just explores another area of the home that smells better to him.

4. Protect your electronics from hair and slobber

I’d suggest a screen protectors and keyboard cover for your desktop and laptop computers if you prefer a clean, slobber, muck and animal hair-free screen. Whats worse, hair can get into the crevices in your keyboard and cause serious damage so deterring your pets from lying on or around your computer will lengthen its life.

5. Make your main entertainment area a pet-free zone

The best possible way to deter pets from jumping on your computer, stereo, or tablet is by keeping them out of your main entertainment area. You simply keep the door or use a gate and don’t let your cat inside so there’s no damage due to pet hair, drool and scratching.

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