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One of the scariest things to see is if your pet is injured or hurting and you don’t know what to do. It’s even worse if you are not entirely sure what is even happening. One of the common things often seen in dogs is seizures. This can be especially terrifying if you have never experienced it before and do not know what to do.

What it looks like-

When your normally well adjusted, healthy dog suddenly looks disoriented or confused, and falls to the floor, he may be experiencing a seizure. In this episode, the animal is unconscious but may move about with the movements that resemble treading water. This uncontrollable movement, caused by unusual brain activity, may present itself as anything from twitching to heavy shaking. This behavior can last from a minute to several minutes for the period of time the seizure lasts.


Seizures can be be the effect of a number of different causes including

  • ingesting poisons
  • disease of the liver
  • blood sugar irregularities
  • disease of the kidneys
  • anemia
  • injury of the head or brain
  • strokes
  • cancer of the brain

When a seizure occurs, the twitching or uncontrolled movement may be accompanied by confusion, wobbling, or disorientation afterwards as the animal tries to readjust himself after the event. If the animal has fallen, or bitten himself, there may be additional pressing medical needs as well that will need to be addressed.

What to do-

In the event of a seizure, it is of the utmost importance to stay calm. Calmly remove your pet from anything that could cause additional danger to him, especially if he is near stairs or next to furniture. He will not be able to prevent himself from falling or from bumping into nearby objects when experiencing a seizure.
Stay away from the mouth and face of your dog, in case he accidentaly bites. Try to time the episode so that you can report it to your vet. In the event the seizure lasts more than a couple of minutes, your dogg could be at risk of over heating, and will require a fan to cool him off.
Once again, stay calm, speak calmly to your pet, and provide him comfort. After the conclusion of the seizure, contact your vet for further instruction.

What to Expect-

You can expect that your vet will want to see your pet as soon as possible. Blood work and a number of labs can be completed to try to determine the cause and the best method of treatment for your pet.
Medication may be prescribed.
All dogs can be at risk for seizures because of the wide variety of causes listed above. However, some breeds are more susceptible to seizures for a variety of reasons. These breeds include Labs, Border Collies, and German Shephards as well as others.

It is important to remember that your vet is the best person to consult for your animal needs. AnimalPlex strives to give accurate information for pet care, but is not a substitute for a medical professional. In the event of a seizure or other medical emergency, please remember to stay calm, assist your pet the best way you can without endangering yourself, and know that you have tried your best to provide the best for your pet. In cases like seizures, there may be nothing you can do to control the situation other than to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. Contact your vet, and continue caring for your pet. Even with seizures, your pet may continue to live a long, healthy life with proper care and medication.

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