Poisonous Plants & Flowers Pets Should Avoid

»»Poisonous Plants & Flowers Pets Should Avoid

With summer in full bloom, they rounded up a list of 199 common flowers and plants that are poisonous for pets, so you can be sure your furry friend is safe all season long. This is a great list to have handy, so be sure to save it on Pinterest or someplace else you can reference it easily before planting new flowers in the backyard or taking your pet for a hike.

It may be a very long and intimidating list, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your fur baby! Most plants we would never think to touch or eat but pets can be unaware of harmful side effects and which lead to illnesses and sometimes death. For example, a peace lily is a common indoor plant used to clean the air in a home but it is highly toxic for dogs and cats. It is important to be aware of which plants and flowers are poisonous for your four-legged babies and to keep them on high shelves or out of the house completely.

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