For those of you who’ve ever owned a puppy, you know they’re notorious for eating things they shouldn’t, without a second thought. Dead insects, worms, pieces of trash – and in the case of one puppy in Sydney – an entire steak knife.


The puppy in question is Lexi, a six-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier puppy, who was saved by veterinarians at Sydney’s Animal Referral Hospital. Lexi’s owner, Tonka, had noticed Lexi vomiting repeatedly one evening, and noted her uncharacteristic quietness the next morning.


That morning, Tonka rushed Lexi to the animal hospital, where veterinarians developed a stunning X-ray: a massive, serrated steak knife, glowing in the dog’s stomach.


“I thought she was going to die,” said Tonka. “I just broke down in absolute tears, just seeing that X-ray. It’s horrifying, you know? It wasn’t a little knife it was a steak knife.”


“We were pretty stunned when we saw that [X-ray],” said Dr. Jody Braddock, one of the vets who saved Lexi’s life. “My first impression was, ‘how could this even happen?’”


The answer to that is a mystery – Tonka has absolutely no idea how Lexi swallowed a steak knife, remarking only that she has a tendency to steal things and hide them under furniture.


To remove the knife, Dr. Braddock and her team had to maneuver the knife in Lexi’s stomach, without slicing the delicate lining of her stomach. They carefully turned the knife around, pulling the knife out by its handle so as not to cut the esophagus on its way out.


45 minutes later, the ordeal was over. Lexi is at home resting, out of harm’s way, but not out of the dog house – Tonka won’t let her beloved pup chew on much of anything for a long while.


-Nick Say

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