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One of the most common horse related questions we get is in regards to their sight… so we wanted to know…

Are Horses Colorblind?

Earlier, it was thought that horses cannot see colors, but recent studies have proved that horses are not color-blind.

They do have the ability to see colors- but in a reduced form as compared to the humans. The colored vision is attributed to the presence of cone cells. Human eye consists of three different types of cone cells, and therefore known as trichromatic. On the other hand, horses are dichromatic with two types of cone cells. Normal humans can see four basic colors- red, green, blue, and yellow. They can also see the intermediate color hues between these primary colors, and therefore their color vision range is quite wide. Horses can see only two primary colors- blues and yellow, and they do not see any intermediate hues. Along with their reduced color perception, horses have decreased vision acuity than humans. They cannot see the details as clearly as humans.


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