Quick Look- Can I Take My Frog to My Outdoor Pond?

»»Quick Look- Can I Take My Frog to My Outdoor Pond?

If you have the space available, allowing your frog in an outdoor pond can be great for experienced pet owners. However, if you are considering placing your frog outdoors, you must keep a few things in mind.

  1. The outdoor pond much have shallow edges, which allow the frogs to get in and out of the pond easily.
  2. There must be shaded areas of the pond to protect the frog from the sun and allow it to hide.
  3. There must be enough natural vegetation to give them access to the tasty insects they want to eat.
  4. Although parts of the pond must be shaded, the pond itself must have direct sunlight, in order to keep it warm and comfortable for your frog.

If you keep these considerations in mind, not only can your frog adjust to living a more natural pond life, but you will attract other frogs as well by providing an inviting atmosphere.

Of course, if you plan on bringing your frog back in to his aquarium, some kind of protection is needed in your outdoor pond to keep him from hopping away.

Also, it is important to take into consideration that if you have any rare, exotic, or invasive pets of any kind, do not allow them access to the outdoors and you do not want them to overtake the natural creeks and ponds. Please do not introduce any non-native species to your area! But, if you’ve found a frog, made it a pet, and are ready to release it back into the wild, a backyard pond may be a great way to go!


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